Perfume Workshop

This is the outcome of a three days workshop about perfume at DesignSkolen Kolding.

In this three days I have been smelling and exploring the word of raw materials, scents and feelings connected to them.

The final fragrace  I made is  called "Bloomlitter"and is based on the flower Ylang Ylang.

I described my scent with a song and moodboards based on sensations and a combination of memories from my childwood.

I collected inspirational pictures and I recreated my own moodboard with them as a creative exercise. 

 Play the song while looking at the  slideshow.

Cristina Ricci pictures are from Andrea Spotorno.



The fragrance comes into a metallic box as it's the litter box of this gloomy pink garden I imagined when I was looking for visual connection of the scents. In fact this project visual inspiration comes from the experience of smelling materials.