"Melt" The Misfitswear collection 


Melt - The Misfitswear Collection is my final collection of my Master Degree at Design Skolen Kolding (Denmark).

 The styles are realized with sustainable materials. The choice of  taking this challenge inspired the concept of my collection.

I see sustainable fashion as a misfit in the contemporary fashion system and that is how I wanted to present sustainability in my own collection. Through the maladjusted types, those we know from movies, the misfits becomes the inspiration and the ambassadors of my collection. 

The geek, the skater and the grunge musician's classical and immortal details and styles crossover and merge into the pieces of my collection. 

The misfits styles also communicate a message about the impact of climate change with a storytelling build with prints representing the glaciers melting, destroyed details, cut off jackets with the numbers of a countdown to the end of the world, patches, colors that create a visual story. 

A story that I believe can be a powerful tool to reach those targets who do not care about sustainability but just about style and fashion. My way of communicating problems through clothes is inspired by the punks' attitude from the 70's which also influenced details of the collection.

The pieces are realized with fine sustainable materials as organic cottons from Organic Cotton Colours, certified wool (sponsored by lanificio Reda, Italy) and Alcantara (Sponsored by Alcantara) mixed with a more streetwear  fabric rage as denim and fleece to create a contrast that shows how this precious long lasting materials can fit in with classical streetwear choices.

Photographer: Anders Kiilerich

Model: Rasmus W. Kristiansen

Make up and hair style: beautyandstyle.dk

Jewellery: KANT by Rahbek

Slideshow Copenhagen Fashion week "Future of Fashion show 2016"